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Chef du Jour: Adventurous cook teaches world cuisines to others.
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          Tom Wasabi In Home Cooking.

    Tom Wasabi cooking classes take place where you are.

    In your home with your friends or at the office.

    Have fun learning how to prepare onolicious and fresh Sushi or Pasta in a party setting.

    In the Sushi classes you will learn how to make Nigiri Zushi and Maki Zushi . 
    Go to the Sushi Classes Page for more information.

    In the Pasta Classes you will learn to prepare Ravioli and Liguini from scratch.
    Go to the Pasta Classes Page for more information.

    The Knife is the most basic tool in food preparation. You will learn to use it safely and efficiently.
    Go to the Knife Skills Classes Page

      We offer demonstration classes for your party or corporate events.

    Call or Email for more information.
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Our Mission; is for our students to have a good time, eat some really good food, learn a new skill and most of all feel the pride and satisfaction of knowing they could prepare a great meal.  We want to leave them with the experience knowing more about the process as well as the culture around the food that they just prepared.
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